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The definitions of writing according to some experts guys, In this opportunity, l would like to share about ''The definition of writing according to some experts'', For the my last post was about ''How to install cool animations for adorning your blog'', l want to say to you may it useful for you, guys''. Btw, what is your hobby, guys? lf your hobby is writing l'll say to you ''Greet'', heeee. why l say like that? because there are many adventages of writing, such as; writing makes us smart, writing for relieve stress, writing as a storage medium, writing Can make money (blogging), etc.

Okay guys, here is the definitions of writing according to the experts;
According to Tarigan (1985:5) writing is productive skills for writing an indirect communication and the nature of the character is very different from that expressed by speaking directly, therefore writing is included an ability, according to Harmer (2001:79) writing is a form of comunication to deliver throught or to express feeling through written form. Suparno, Jonah (2006:14) argues that writing is a series of activities going on and involve several phases, the preparatory phase, the content development and review, as well as revisions or improvements posts,Jonah (2006:29) argues that writing can be used as an indirect means of communication to others to convey information. Activities is not easy to write because writing should be able to produce something new and can give you an idea or ideas to the reader through writing. another definition of writing is proposed by Nation (2009:112) who states that writing is an activity that can usefully be prefared for by work in other skills of listening, speaking, and reading. This preparation can make it possible for words that have been used receptively to come into productive use.

From the definitions above, Concludes that writing is a person's ability to communicate information and ideas to someone, public, government. also writing is not only an activity of arranging words into form of sentences, but also when people write, they should organize some interesting stuffs, which are experiences or ideas in written form.

Happy blogging, guys and good luck 4 u

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Suratno Kenthus said... on 

Goodluck to U too my dude

Akang Budi said... on 

Thanks Mr. Kenthus, hope that you are get sucess too

Fira Maghfiroh said... on 

would you mind to tell me where do I find the book/journal which contains the "suparno and Jonah (2006:14)" statement about writing definition?
I've tried to find out on the internet, but I got nothing. I do really need it for my thesis. thank you..

Maya Sy said... on 

you should attach the references; authors and book titles

This comment has been removed by the author.
kieran Holt said... on 

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Akang sam said... on 

kieran Holt , tour welcome. may success

Stevie Malcolm said... on 

It is indeed a fact that writing is an ability which everybody does not have… those people who have this ability can become the best writer as they want to be…
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Akang sam said... on 

mr.Stevie Malcolm, that's alright, and a best writter is easy to make money,hehe

heru wahyudi said... on 

thanks for sharing wiht us, it can help my report

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